Nutrition Coaching and Workout Programming


This plan will supply you with a workout and nutrition guidance customized to your goals. It’s the total package!



If would like a customized workout plan and help with what you should be eating and how much, this is the plan for you! Workouts are designed to accommodate where you have access to workout (home or gym) and what equipment you have available to work with. I usually start with whole body workouts to be done 3x week on non-consecutive days, but that will vary depending on your current routine. You will also be responsible for doing 3-5 cardio sessions on your own (walking, jogging, gym machine). For eating plans, I prefer to work with you on what you’re already eating and what you LIKE to eat rather than tell you specifically what to eat. I find that clients are more likely to be successful long term if they enjoy the food they’re eating and don’t feel restricted! Upon receiving the order, I will send you a questionnaire to complete. Please allow up to 3 business days after you send payment and completed questionnaire to receive your customized plan.

You will receive:

– An outline for your individual calorie intake and macros (carbs, fat, protein)

– A sample of balanced meals and ideas for snacks

– An Excel spreadsheet to email to me for weekly check-ins (including macros, weight, measurements, progress photos)

– A workout program customized to your needs with video demonstration links included for each exercise (I will modify your workouts weekly or bi-weekly depending on your progress and what I feel you may need to work on longer)

– Unlimited email/text support

You will be expected to check in with me once per week by emailing your completed spreadsheet for me to review. You will also need to log your food somewhere (I prefer MyFitnessPal) so that I can check in periodically and so that you can transfer the numbers to your spreadsheet.

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