The #1 reason you haven’t been successful losing weight

There are many reasons why people fail at a fitness program. Usually we think of excuses as being the main issue. “I don’t have the time,” “I want to live my life,” and “I had to eat it!” to name a few. But the reason excuses occur in the first place has more to do with your goal than anything else. You haven’t been successful because your goal isn’t exciting you enough. Losing 20lbs is a goal, but it’s not an exciting one. It’s not a goal that will get you out of bed every morning motivated to work on it that day. So, when beginning a fitness journey, you must first identify a goal that excites you.

Fitness goals are personal, but they need to be specific and time sensitive in order to provide adequate motivation. For example, perhaps you have a class reunion coming up in a few months and you know someone you used to date or the mean girls will be there. You want to show up looking better than ever. While this goal involves other people and their reactions are not guaranteed, it is likely enough to excite you and keep you accountable every day. You have something to visualize that will keep you on the path to success: you, looking and feeling amazing in that room. Every time you eat a meal or do your workout, visualize that moment, and it will be much easier to stay on track!

A class reunion is also a great example because there is a specified goal date. You need to have a definitive timeline with your goal. A wedding is also a great motivator. When there is a definitive timeline rather than an ambiguous goal of losing 20lbs, you are more likely to stay focused. As each day passes and you aren’t working on your goal, you are losing time, and you can feel the pressure as the date closes in. Most people need that pressure to keep pushing forward when the journey gets tough!

If you don’t have a specific event with a timeline, create one! Book a vacation and commit yourself to taking progress photos in your bathing suit every few weeks until the date arrives. Imagine what you will look like in that bathing suit while you’re there. The ultimate goal is to take photos while on vacation and post them on social media! Again, reactions aren’t guaranteed, but your ultimate goal is public, thus keeping you accountable.

When you can visualize the end result, ie, you at a specific place looking and feeling amazing, you will wake up every day excited and motivated to keep pushing toward that goal. The journey becomes less cumbersome because the end result is so exciting you can’t wait to get there. You think less about what you feel like you’re giving up and more about the end result. So take a closer look at the goal you’ve been trying to accomplish, add a timeline, up the pressure, and finally make it happen!

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  • Karen Stefanik

    Practical and excellent advice Ashley!

    • Ashley

      Thanks for reading, Karen!

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